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The Village At Pigeon Lake is a hamlet located within the County Of Wetaskiwin. The community offers single dwelling lots, plus 2 condo developments where you can rent or purchase condos. They are Village Lane, and Heron Point. For rental or purchase information it's best to drive by to see what's available or check the local realtor listings.

"The Village" Resort & Town Centre includes approximately 15 businesses, it is the shopping & dining hub of Pigeon Lake.

Outside of "The Village" Resort & Town Centre, there are three businesses located in the Hamlet. They are:
For more info about Pigeon Lake businesses, please visit the Pigeon Lake Regional Chamber Of Commerce , Pigeon Lake ONLINE or check the Pigeon Lake Fun Map

Community Facebook Pages & Groups:

Pigeon Lake
Christmas At The Village
Pigeon Lake Hospitality
Pigeon Lake Positive
Pigeon Lake Rural Crime Watch
Pigeon Lake Family

Hosting Sales Events In The Village Resort & Town Centre

If you want to have a selling event anywhere within the Resort & Town Centre, please EMAIL US for approval. Prior approval must be obtained and your event may be considered if it doesn't conflict with Village Retailers. Additional Event fees will apply to any rented meeting room fo such an event. If you want to rent Town Square for an event, e-mail us.

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Promoting Your Village Event

The Village At Pigeon Lake Resort & Town Centre will help you promote your event held within it's boundaries, providing pre-approval has been obtained by the Village Office. If you event is supported by The Village, you can submit it to our online calendar and if there is room, we will add your event on our Events Board. Also, pre-approved event flyers and promotional material can be distributed in the Village brochure bins. Feel free to promote your community events in the appropriate Facebook Groups listed above and you can also submit them on the community calendar at Pigeon Lake ONLINE