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Posted on Saturday June 10, 2017 at 09:46AM

Meet the suppliers who fulfill all your needs at The Village at Pigeon Lake

We know how hectic it can be getting out of the house on time. Whether you’re heading out of town on an extended vacation or a weekend at the lake, packing up is no fun. That’s why head-ing to The Village at Pigeon Lake is such a breeze. Whether you’re low on gas, wine or fixings for dinner, our community is a one stop shop for all your lifestyle needs. Here’s a look at the services on hand.

The Village Market
This well stocked grocery store contains a post office and pharmacy within its four walls. Forget about having to load up your cooler before driving out to Pigeon Lake. This full scale grocery store sports all the essentials, plus several speciality items you wouldn’t expect from a small town supermarket. Though if you’re in a rush, rotisserie chickens and foil wrapped baking potatoes are at the ready!

The full service meat counter employees not one, but two butchers to set you up with your ideal cut of meat. Produce ranges from trendy kale to jalapeño peppers to fresh herbs and organic wheatgrass. Freshly baked loaves temp carb lovers over in the bak-ery, and the deli section ensures any picnic is properly kitted out. Season items such as beach toys and camping gear are also sold here.

Leibel’s Pharmacy
The one time you need a band-aid is the time you forgot to pack your first-aid kit, right? Sporting everything a family needs to stay healthy on their holiday, this pharmacy (situ-ated inside The Village Market) stocks all manner of vitamins, cold remedies and cures for summer ailments - such as calamine lotion. Forgot your shampoo? Simply pick up some travel-size toiletries. Got a crew with cabin fever? Hit up their selection of board games and kid’s scavenger hunt kits.

Leibel’s is a fully accredited pharmacy that dispenses prescription drugs. So if you hap-pen to forget one of your medications, they’ll happy call your drugstore back home to get that prescription temporarily transferred.


Western Spirits
This convenient liquor store offers a wide variety of beer, wine and spirits. Their prices are inline with what you'd find in the city, and in many cases are less! Almost all of the beer and coolers stocked are kept refrigerated, allowing you to enjoy your beverage the minute you return to your dwellings.

Anyone into organic, gluten-free or non-alcoholic drinks will find plenty of options. In ad-dition to craft beer, artisanal spirits are also well represented. Amp up your Caesar with Rig Hand Garlic Vodka distilled in Nisku, Alberta or try Last Mountain Dill Pickle Vodka from Saskatchewan.


Cuts by the Lake
You’d be hard pressed to find a $25 blow-out in the city, but this professional hairstyling studio believes taming your tresses can be successfully accomplished on a budget. It’s not a women’s only spot, either. Many men zip in to get a quick trim, while their wives shop. Manicures make everyone feel polished, and their nail technician does tidy work on gel nails, plus repairs by appointment. Shoppers can pick up Hempz and Osis hair products, plus bath salts and other natural beauty products made by local Sylvie Podliski.

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