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Posted on Thursday December 15, 2011 at 11:25AM

 Nestled in the evergreens midway between the bustling cities of Edmonton and Red Deer we find an oasis of sorts, back dropped by one of Alberta’s most beautiful of lakes. The Village at Pigeon Lake is one of those places that once discovered, draws people back like bees to lilac blossoms.
Located on the south end just off Pigeon Lake on Highway 13, west of Wetaskiwin, the Village not only provides the facilities and services that any self-respecting lake town offers, it features some of the most outstanding urban amenities you will find in all of Alberta.

First a lake primer…
Pigeon Lake is one of the largest fresh water lakes in Alberta and as such is also one of the busiest, particularly in the summer. Ma-Me-O Beach, which is a stone’s throw from the Village, is so-named from the Cree word meaning white pigeon. That comes from the billions of Passenger Pigeons which inhabited the area in the 1800’s. Rundle Mission, on the northwest side of Pigeon Lake was established in 1847 and shortly after, the hamlets of Mulhurst to the east and Westerose to the south. It’s here, in Westerose that our modern day story takes hold.

In 1985, the Village at Pigeon Lake was born and followed the vision of one of Alberta’s real entrepreneurs, Terry Myers. In those days, the Village consisted of field and trees but that was certainly about to change. In the ensuing years the Village has itself blossomed into quite a destination spot and given its rural inclination, we would venture to say that you won’t find such a concentrated gathering of first rate services anywhere.
Anchored by the Village Market, the Village is a one stop destination for pretty much every need. The Market, which just put the finishing touches on a major expansion, is stocked with all the freshest meats, vegetables and goodies. No need to pick up your “eatables” before heading to the lake. Everything you need is all right here. Leibel’s Pharmacy is also part of the complex, meaning prescriptions, medicines and all those personal items are located under one roof. The Village also hosts vital services like chiropractic, denture and medical.

If clothing and furniture are in your sites, the Village features a couple of the best. The Clothing Store sells women’s clothing to fit your mood and social schedule. Casual to special occasion, the store carries a number of the hottest brands. In a similar vein, Mia Casa is truly a furniture mecca and the quality and pricing of these unique pieces is astounding. Down the boardwalk, the Country Sampler also carries unique pine furniture, which is terrific in any setting. The Sampler also features a myriad of products to entice the senses. If you ever needed to find that little something to put in someone’s gift box, then the Country Sampler certainly has it.

Destination Location: (definition) “In the hospitality industry, a hotel or resort that guests seek out for its features and amenities, as opposed to its proximity to other attractions.”
Now, many places advertise themselves as a destination property. Very few have the goods to back it up. Not in this case. The Village Creek Country Inn is one of those perfectly cut diamonds that jewelers love to term “brilliant”. In this case travelers who like to golf, boat on the lake or fish a little have a cozy hideaway to retire to after a big day. Who wouldn’t want to relax in front of your own fireplace or out on the balcony. In order to do battle with withdrawal symptoms, satellite TV and high speed internet, ensure you are never out of touch… unless you want to be. Business or personal retreats are a specialty.

Next door is truly one of Alberta’s real gems. Essentials Spa and Wellness has been compared to the finest in the world and again, like the Inn, unless you have booked in advance, chances are you may be out of luck. When you “spa” here, you do it right. Great care and time is taken to make your experience a wonderful one. Named as the Pigeon Lake Regional Chamber of Commerce Business of the Year comes as no surprise, as guests from far and wide flock here for some very special pampering... on a repeat basis.

The Village also offers a walk in fitness centre, hair studio, Post Office & video rental store, liquor store, bank, laundry facility, real estate office, car & RV wash and a gas station.

We might also mention that the Village itself has constructed 2 on site condo complexes perfect for those who want to be close to the amenities!

Any self respecting location has great food and there are four such establishments to sample. If casual eating is in your future, then Daisy McBean’s Ice Cream and coffee shop and Village Pizza provide more than tasty choices. If you are looking for more of a sit-down experience, then the newly expanded Village Creek Restaurant and Lounge offers some very notable cuisine. Both small and large groups invariably rave about the food. Similarly, the Eco-Café has established itself as a real star on the culinary circuit. Also experiencing an expansion and re-design the Eco packs them in with mouth watering “Eco Friendly” fare. Nothing like a variety of morning coffee choices to go along with that home made pie! In both the Village Creek Restaurant and the Eco-Café special nights are devoted to live music, so check out their respective schedules to see what the buzz is.

Needless to say, for such a concentrated area, the Village has really done its homework. The choice offered to consumers is quite amazing and with the population around the lake ever expanding, the Village becomes even more important, not only to the tourist industry, but also as a go-to location for vacationers and shoppers. With five golf courses around the lake (four of which are within 10 minutes of the Village, including the Black Bull, across the highway), there is a lot of natural wonder to take in. Summer activities such as camping and water sports, and then throw in winter snowmobile enthusiasm, ice fishing and various other winter escapism all provide ample reason to visit and spend your valuable time year round.

Special events happen throughout the year, in fact every Saturday throughout the summer months. Sidewalk sales, local art walks, used book sales; treasure hunts, Canada Day celebration, kids parties, customer appreciation parties and the ever popular Show & Shine are just some of the events hosted! The Village raises thousands of dollars every year by holding a silent auction in the Fall for it’s signature charity Bosom Buddies, a fund raiser for cancer awareness.

Hidden Treasure? Yes, but maybe not for all that long. Pigeon Lake has always been a terrific place to spend a little time away from the rat race. Now that the Village at Pigeon Lake has firmly taken hold as a center for commerce and social activity, the sky’s the limit.

Modern amenities, outstanding choice and exceptional quality. Those who have been here know of what we speak. How about you?

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