Thrill Of The Grill

Posted on Wednesday August 17, 2011 at 01:37PM

Thrill Of The Grill BBQ Competition

Thrill_Winners_2011Thank you to everyone who participated in the 2011 BBQ Competition at The Village At Pigeon Lake. Our contestants grilled steak donated by AG Foods/The Village Market for the title of BBQ King/Queen. Congratulations to the winners:

Third Place: Mark Wilkinson
Second Place: Monica Sulivan
First Place: Ron Taylor

The blind taste testing was done by three panels of judges and we would like to thank the various mayors and deputy mayors of the Summer Villages and our three final judges, Tim Wood, owner and chef ECOcafe`, Bev Smith, owner & chef Village Pizza & Subs, and Shelly Elgert, Owner Daisy McBeans.

Also, congratulations to Sean Costello of Grandview Beach and Marilyn Boles from the North Shore, they each won a $50.00 gift certificate for supporting Bosom Buddies.  They can redeem the gift certificates in any Village store or business.

A final thanks to Gone Green Farms for the fantastic roasting job on the pig. Their hog roaster can be rented for events, Recovery Renos for the generous donation of the First Place prize of a new BBQ and BBQ Country for their generous donation of the outdoor fire pit. 


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