Kids...You're All Invited To The Party!




Join us for the 6th annual Pirates Of Pigeon Lake Party.... designed for kids of all ages. We're gathering on Treasure Island (Town Centre) to start a rip roaring swash buckling adventure party.

Once again, Captain Penelope...AKA, Lucky Penny will be aboard and this year to host our party. Check in at Ship Wrecks Cove (where her boat's tied up) and get your Village Treasure Hunt Bag that contains a treasure map that will lead you the loot. When you've discovered your share, get your free  ice-cream. Bounce on Penny's  bounce ship and Party Party Party! Treasure Hunt bags are $5.00 ea. Proudly Supporting Bosom Buddies

About Captain Penelope (AKA...Lucky Penny)

When Captain Penelope sailed around Pigeon Lake after  searching far and wide for hidden treasures, she discovered the huge mother load ... a hidden Village of shops and services jam packed with treasures. Penny decided to set anchor and row over to Treasure Island, Town Square. If you look at the flag pole, you will see her row boat.  Flowers now grow out of it because Penny has been at the Village so long...she keeps finding hidden treasures and she probably wont leave until she has uncovered them all! There are two huge treasure chests full of flowers too. If you look over to Ship Wrecks Cove (beside the tourist booth) you will see that Penny has now anchored her jump ship and she is inviting all of you to come and play every saturday. 

Join Penny and friends on Saturday August 02, 2014 for her swash buckling, rip roaring adventure

Hope to see you all here! Get More Details


See Inside the Captain's Jump Ship