Why bring your own bag?

Because it is something we can all do to make a positive impact on the environment. The average family of fouruses 1000 plastic bags each year of which 80% come from the grocery store. And that is just one family shopping at the grocery store! Think of all the other retail shopping environments where BYOB can be utilized and plastic bag use can be reduced.

BYOB Village Bags only $2.00 EA

Now you can own a Village At Pigeon Lake Shopping bag and use it to carry home your Village treasures. Our bags are 12" wide x 14" H x 7" deep so you can even use it to carry your groceries. You can use our bags over and over again and even when they get worn down they are completely biodegradable.

Bags Available at the Village Market

Bags Available At Village Emporium

The Village Gives To Bosom Buddies

bosom_logo$2.00 from each $2.00 bag sold goes directly to Bosom Buddies . Every person who purchases a bag will help a cancer stricken patient or family and it does our hearts good to know that some of these funds will be allocated to our local community.



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