Fund Raising For Cancer Patients
Through Bosom Buddies

The Village At Pigeon Lake is proud to introduce Bosom Buddies as it's signature charity. Our Bosom Buddies Charity Event in October is sponsored by all the Tenants in The Village At Pigeon Lake. Essentially the event is a fund raiser where all the funds are donated to the Alberta Cancer Foundation and specifically to the Patient Financial Assistance Program. The sales of Village Shopping Bags at the Village Market and summer events help rails funds as well.

So many events are done for Cancer Research and we feel that there is a void when it comes to helping those struck with cancer and finding themselves in dire straights. Download the brochure by clicking on the image.

About Bosom Buddies

Bosom BuddiesFounded by Donna Payne of the Country Sampler in 2002, the Bosom Buddies program was created when her daughter was diagnosed with breast cancer. Donna immediately saw that there was no way a single low income mother could afford to have cancer. Without the help of her parents, Donna's daughter would have lost her home and been forced to move while she suffered. Donna was concerned for those who couldn't get help and so Bosom Buddies was created.

There are many people who don't have the means to provide the necessities when cancer strikes like parents of children who are stricken, husbands whose wives are in treatment, seniors on fixed incomes, young families who can barely afford babysitting while mom needs treatment, the list is endless. The need for financial assistance can devastate a family.

Cancer strikes unexpectedly and suddenly patients need costly medications, child care, accommodation and even parking money.Many patients have no Blue Cross and it takes 3 months to acquire it. If the patient is the primary breadwinner then they can find themselves with only 55% of their income. Many live away from the City and need accommodation that can be quite lengthly, especially in the case of radiation that can go on for many weeks.

It is a very humbling experience for most of these patients and their families to ask for help. We have the means. Millions of dollars are raised every year for Cancer research. It is the goal of "Bosom Buddies" to keep raising money to give to the Alberta Cancer Foundation Cross Cancer Institute and specifically to the Patient Financial Assistance Program

Over $100,000 Raised so far!

We  whole heartedly thank everyone who has contributed to the Bosom Buddies program and we encourage you to continue to support us. Help us bring hope and a light at the end of the tunnel for these cancer victims suddenly struck with the possible inability to pay their own utility bills!

Donna says: "It is exciting to bring hope to those who may be feeling hopeless!"

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